Kinderhook History

Welcome to Kinderhook

Kinderhook is a town in the northern part of Columbia County, New York, United States.  The population was 8,498 at the 2010 census, the most populous municipality in Columbia County.  The name of the town means "Children's Corner" in the language of the original Dutch settlers (Kinderhoek).  The name "Kinderhook" has its root in the landing of Henry Hudson in the area around present-day Stuyvesant, where he was greeted by Native Americans with many children.  With the Dutch Kinder meaning "child" and Hoeck meaning "bend" or "hook" [in the river], the name literally means "bend in the river where the children are". 


20 Year 9/11 Remembrance Memorial

Please join us. State Farm Road will be closed from 4:55pm to 5:50pm. The parade will kick off from Ichabod Crane Central School and end at Volunteer's Park 9/11 Memorial. A candlelight ceremony will immediately follow. We are so pleased that there will be three 9/11 survivors who will be our guest speakers at the ceremony, as well as representatives from 13 local fire companies.  We ask that you please come and join as our community remembers the many victims of this tragic day.